Canvas Painting with Tanya "You Are the Artist!"

Ready to laugh with co-workers? I can make that happen!

Ready to celebrate with friends? Ready to escape the everyday grind? Ready to laugh with co-workers? I can make that happen! We paint, we laugh, we make new friends, we jump out of our comfort zone, we see people in a new light... we paint together, and we impress ourselves with a prize painting!

A bachelorette party in your living room; corporate team building in your conference room; date night cookout in your backyard; ladies' night in your kitchen; community engagement at the hospital; holiday celebration at your home or office. My mobile studio allows us to share art, joy & laughter pretty much anywhere.

Canvas Painting with Tanya is approaching our 1-year Anniversary. I may have painted with you at my old studio, Ceramic Dreams, years ago: pottery, mosaics, glass or canvas. I'm pretty excited about this new venture and thank you for sharing it with me!

If I haven't painted with you yet, I invite you to experience a night of painting at one of our standing locations- Joy's House or Renditions Framing. Visit our Tickets page for current events. You deserve a night of fun!

I've got my car packed, loaded with supplies (including my basket of colorful paint!), and ready for ya! #youaretheartist

xoxoxo- Tanya

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