Canvas Painting with Tanya "You Are the Artist!"

Celebrating 2 Years of "Painting for Joy!"

In October of 2016, we hosted our first "Painting for Joy" event at Joy's House Adult Day Service in Broad Ripple. Since then, we have donated over $1300 to the Guest Scholarship Fund. Plus- we've shared art, joy and laughter with hundreds of new and old friends!


What is "Painting for Joy"? First, let me tell you how & why. In August of 2016, I was visiting the guests of Joy's House, helping them paint projects for the upcoming Joy's House Gala. Owner, Tina McIntosh, who also happens to be my long-time, childhood friend, came to chat. I told her I was looking for space to teach some sort of art class. We started brainstorming, thinking of ways we could share our personal passions and businesses for a common goal. I went home excited, and ready for a new venture. Viola! "Painting for Joy" was created!

Once a month, we turn Joy's House Community Room into an Art Studio, after hours and/or weekends, when the business is closed. I host a Canvas Painting Party, open to the public, and sell advance tickets. For just $25, you get to paint a 16" x 20" canvas and be an artist! I paint with you, step-by-step, making it easy and fun. I bring all of the supplies, including music; you bring food & drink to enjoy while painting; we spend 2 hours being creative, socializing, and letting our daily worries ease away...


After the event, I donate $5 per ticket sale to the Joy's House Guest Scholarship Fund. The fund is used to provide care for adults living with physical and mental challenges while providing respite for caregivers. We've expanded our events to the UIndy location AND we reserve the space in Broad Ripple for private painting parties, also donating $5 per ticket to the Guest Scholarship Fund.

I cannot express enough how much this partnership means to me! Not only do I get to support an organization the means a lot to me; I get to live my passion of sharing and teaching art with others. At "Painting for Joy", I get to be an art teacher, and you get to be an artist! Classes are offered to adults. However, private parties are open to kids too.

Thank you to all of the staff at Joy's House who help coordinate and promote our "Painting for Joy" parties. Thank you to all of you who have joined us over the past 2 years! The next "Painting for Joy" party is Friday, Sept. 14th. Come paint with me while supporting our community; enjoying a night of art, joy, and laughter; and go home with your gorgeous, hand-painted piece of art! 


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