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Helping Houston's Fur Babies

These are my fur babies, Daisy Wildflower and Sassy Sassafras. When thinking of ways to help Texas recover from Hurricane Harvey, I considered several sites and foundations. I'm thankful to see so many people step up and provide help, financially and physically. When I came across the Houston Humane Society, my mind was made up.

I've been reading their updates. Before the storm hit, they transferred all of the animals in their shelter to a location out of Harvey's way, saving them all. Their building was hit, but not damaged or flooded. They joined in search and rescue efforts around Houston. Their shelter is now full of lost dogs and cats. Some with tags & microchips, some without.

My dog Sassy has escaped our fenced in yard a few times. Once without her collar (shame on us). Shibas like to run fast. We've had to jump in the car to catch up with her. A few times, we lost track of her. The fear of not knowing where your fur baby is and if she's safe is sickening. We were blessed with Good Samaritans who found her & called us. The time she didn't have her collar, he took her to get her chip scanned. I am forever grateful to have my Sassy home (and a little overly protective/obsessive with her getting away again!).

My heart aches for everyone in Texas who has lost their homes. Even more for those who have lost their fur babies. For the month of September, I am donating a portion of all sales to the Houston Humane Society. Sales from paintings & from parties. Their recent update was about their only truck breaking down...not good. 

Now you have another reason to come paint and party with me this month! Get your tickets, bring a friend, get ready to enjoy a night of art, laughter, and being a little bit Good Samaritan! 

xoxoxo -Tanya, Sassy & Daisy

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