Canvas Painting with Tanya "You Are the Artist!"

Karaoke & Canvas

Music is a huge part of our Canvas Painting Parties. At the last party, a gal called it "Karaoke & Canvas". LOVE IT! 

While we paint, I play music to get us in the groove, have fun, and de-stress! My party playlist includes music from several genres. You may catch us jamming to Neil Diamond, Prince, Avicii, Maroon 5, Whitney, Will Smith, Bruno Mars, Kool & the Gang, U2, Black Keys...and several artists you've never heard of, but will love! 

To keep it fresh, I change it up. Adding new songs, deleting ones we've heard a bit too many times. If you have a favorite you want me to add, let me know! It's all about you! 

In addition to singing along, aka Karaoke, some of us dance! I try to get pics & video. I started a YouTube channel for Canvas Painting with Tanya, check it out! I'm yet to get a video of us singing at the top of our lungs to "Sweet Caroline!"

I'm also happy to share my play list with you! Next time you need a lift, listen to Painting with Tanya Party Music on Spotify. I hope to sing, dance & paint with you soon!

xoxoxo, Tanya

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