Canvas Painting with Tanya "You Are the Artist!"

Painting for Joy @ Pam's Party

Joy's House Adult Day Service had an Open House called Pam's Party, named in honor of Indianapolis friend, neighbor and community supporter Pam Steele. This event celebrates Pam's memory, and remembers and honors all of the Guests and caregivers of Joy's House.

At this event, we were lucky to hold a live "Painting for Joy!" class. We had our little party, painted, talked, laughed, and shared with the attendees what "Painting for Joy!" is all about! It was so much fun. We even stayed long after the open house was over! 

"Painting for Joy!" is held at the Broad Ripple location every month, sometimes twice a month, and available for private parties. I donate $5 for every person that attends to the Joy's House Guest Scholarship Fund. It's a win-win-win for me, the people who attend, and Joy's House. :-)

"Painting for Joy!" started in October 2016, when I was looking for somewhere to hold my canvas painting parties. Owner and long-time, childhood friend of mine, Tina McIntosh, offered her space and a partnership. It's been an amazing, fun, and successful 10 months! 

You'll find regular "Painting for Joy!" parties on our calendar. Take a look and check your calendar! I hope to see you there! 


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