Canvas Painting with Tanya "You Are the Artist!"

The Teacher Becomes the Student- Kudos to You!

What a treat to be a student at Mindie & Miranda's Painting Party! I learned a lot by being the one to recreate the artist's original art. I give you all tons of praise! I caught myself saying, "Mine doesn't look like hers..." My response to my students when I hear this is "It's not supposed to, it's yours!". Ha! I had to tell myself not to be critical, not to compare mine to the others, not to overthink it, make it unique, enjoy the process...HA! All of the things I tell you to do! It was really good for me to be on the other side of the easel, that's for sure. 

I also had a little booth set up to sell my hand-made jewelry, melted glass bottles, chunky scented candles, and more. Thank you to everyone who stopped by and who made a purchase! 

A super fun, amazing night making new friends, seeing old friends, listening to live music, and painting beautiful, majestic mountains! Mindie & Miranda held this event to raise money for their upcoming art tour on the Northwest Coast. Learn more about our night, and how to support them in Aries Art's blog. Hope to see you at our next Painting Party!!


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